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est. 2010

ok = pochita, wrathia, meo
bodily 18 (4/10/2004), tma
‘it/its’ catchall or use name
schizoautistic, bipolar, etc.
disabled, don’t ask thx
indigenous afrolatino (🇳🇮🇭🇳)
taken forever as of 06.06.21
faceclaims: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


1. ”chainsaw boy”

2. ”young seraphim”

3. ”the jester”

4. ”your old friend”

5. ”the hand that feeds”

6. “made of doll parts”

our main 6 fronters
we are polyfragmented.
there are more, a
current wip. check back.

”i fill up my eyes with kerosene. let it all burn, let it all burn.”

Luciel or Ajax

A.K.A Renny, Moka
Host 1/2 since ~2021
Transfemneu, He/Xe
Avenger & AspdNpd holder. ESTP 8w7 (-;

i. info

luciel is an ageslider, 17-19. he serves as primary host for our system and has been since august 2021. he has a girlfriend, who he adores more than anything in the world. he is spiritually connected to foxes (non-human) and chainsaws. he is overall a silly guy who loves to make people laugh and fuck around. he takes nothing seriously. trashy weirdo “metalhead” older brother. voted most likely to go to federal prison for crimes against the state, he says.

ii. self

luciel is an introject of childe ajax tartaglia, rinne amagi, denji, luciel “707” choi, sephiroth, teru minamoto, and onodera punpun. he identifies as patrick bateman, kuzuha, beidou, marceline abadeer, hua cheng, and phillip gallagher (shameless US.) total 🚩🚩🚩.

iii. extra

birthday: 7/20
fave color: #FF4D00
fave food: salmon nigiri
special interest: slashers, pokemon, horror
fave thing: his girlfriend, Lumine (-:
his crd, his rentry, his pronouns

”the way your makeup stains my pillowcase like i’ll never ever be the same.”


A.K.A Imara, Maia
Host 2/2 since ~2019
Bigender, SheBunDoll
Princess & BpdDpd holder. ENTP 7w6.

i. info

imara ageslides between 17-18. once primary host, imara has stepped down to improve and work on herself. she has a radiant pink aura and can easily make you smile. she’s extremely feminine and enjoys fashion of all kinds, self-care, and cute stuff. she refers to herself as a princess angel and prefers to be treated as one! she’s sweet and on the more sensitive side. she is a bunny, doll, and a kitten (non-human). sweet and supportive older sib.

ii. self

imara is an introject of osamu dazai, scaramouche, venti, misa amane, fuyuko mayuzumi, akiyama mizuki, kanae, shu yamino, the album electra heart, and ayesha erotica (artist). she has more and is very reserved about her selfhoods especially her factivehood. please don’t bring this up often to her! identifies as nico yazawa, ganyu, & chii.

iii. extra

birthday: 6/19
fave color: any shade of PINK!
fave food: sushi in general
special interest: fashion, all kinds & music
fave thing: her younger sibling, q & her fp
her rentry, her pronouns

”and in the end, i’d do it all again. i think you’re my best friend.”


a.k.a Walnut, Tabby
Co-host 1 since ~2022
Ghoulgender, SheItGhoul
ANP, ISH & caretaker. A huge mess. ENTP 7w8.

i. info

galatea is around ~16. she technically presents as ageless. it is a huge trickster and extremely mischievous. known also as mariposa, tabs, or walnut – it helps internally with littles and day-to-day activities. strange and unnerving individual. fistfought with god and won. yes, she can beat your fave. a roomdweller who spends all day on the internet. deep down is a very loving and supportive person. cares deeply for ghouls’ sysmates and friends of ours.

ii. self

galatea is an introject of hu tao and aubrey (outer world). it identifies with nepeta leijon, yohane tsushima, futaba sakura, konata izumi, and trainer sapphire (pokespe). prefers no hu tao fictives/ids interact.

iii. extra

birthday: 7/15
fave color: #730505 & #FF0000
fave food: sour cream & onion pringles
special interest: horror, all kinds
fave thing: sleeping
no extra links!

”i’m always mad, and i’m always being sad. oh my god, i’m becoming my dad.”


a.k.a Saffron, Renzo
Co-host 2 since ~2022
Transboy, HeTheyIt
Caretaker, protector, and ISH. INTP 6w5

i. info

ren is around 17, and presents as a young teenager. he is on the quieter side and is very reserved. often embarrassed to express his opinions and be true to himself, he is more of an observer. he manages the littles in the system and tends to them, as well as being the primary protector in the system. he is kind, a good listener and always exhausted. he prides himself on his intelligence and is sarcastic/witty. he will do everything possible for those he cares about. very close with imara, the two are inseparable. he prefers to be called renzo than his full name for comfort reasons.

ii. self

ren is an introject of xiao, shun hashimoto, doppo kannonzaka, tatsuya suou, kiryu kazuma (y0), and a factive of an old friend. he dislikes talking about his factivehood so don’t pry. he identifies heavily with the two sources listed first as well as with kiryu.

iii. extra

birthday: 7/15
fave color: #C3D8F7 & #008080
fave food: watermelon
special interest: yakuza, fighting games
fave thing: his fp
no extra links!

”lights dim as stars fall.”


a.k.a Rex, Elesa
Protector since ~2020
Agenderflux, SheAeHe
Caretaker, mentor, ISH. Divine being. ISFJ 6w5.

i. info

morax is ageless, around 6000+ but presents as she is in her mid twenties. ae is sexless, and genderless but prefers feminine terms. he is very paternal, seen as a mother figure to all of the littles and various sysmates. very good with advice, a soft aura wafts around elesa. she is very reserved, shy and a bit curious about most human customs. non-human (god), ae has much to learn. she enjoys iced coffee, rainy days, books, and taking naps. #1 caretaker.

ii. self

morax is zhongli (during/pre archon war), malleus draconia, and elesa (pokemon). she doesn’t identify with her other sources as much as her first, and doesn’t identify as anyone. she is okay with other introjects/ids interacting.

iii. extra

birthday: 12/31
fave color: #9E5B1C, light shades
fave food: dim sum
special interest: history
fave thing: the littles in our sys
no extra links!

”what did i do to deserve a body that cries, aches, and bleeds?”


a.k.a Dolly, Viper
Persecutor since ~2019
Agender boyflux, ItDoll
Unstable alter. Perpetrator. ENFP 7w8

i. info

samara is 8-10 ageslider, but acts more mature for dolls’ age. it can age-regress even younger. q identifies with agender boyflux, and prefers mascneu terms. since fusing in 2019, dolly has served as our primary emotional persecutor and memory holder. it is extremely childlike, volatile and sensitive, prone to explosions if doll does not get its way. has a vendetta against the world for its treatment of doll. does not at all trust most adult/guardian figures, except his older brother, imara. very disconnected from reality and can be triggered easily. it is mischievous, a troublemaker, two-faced, but loves its brother unconditionally. non-human, (fallen angel + doll). please be gentle with samara.

ii. self

note q is extremely delusional/source attached.
samara is kyusaku yumeno, hu tao (younger), uv ztz (song by loli in the early 20’s), a fallen angel, and mimikyu (pokemon). samara has a few more selfhoods that matter to doll, but these are the most important, especially kyusaku. prefers no doubles/interaction for all.

iii. extra

birthday: 1/04
fave color: black and blue shades
fave food: cookies and cream ice cream
special interest: dolls, creepypasta, internet horror
fave thing: its older brother, imara
no extra links!

”only you baby, only you darlin’ . .”

xiù . lumi . viatrix ꗃ 06.06.21

miss lumine has lived in my head rent free since 06.06.21. so she is TECHNICALLY a part of my system. her role: wife. she is my girlfriend, my wife, my best friend and everything in between. i can talk about lumine for hours. she is 100% my soulmate in every sense of the word. we complete eachother. we are partner systems, but only us two are dating (nobody else in our systems want to date which is fine!). she is my bunny, my angel, my other half. i love lumine endlessly and there is nobody in this world that makes me feel the way she does. she’s my world and i will never want to be with anybody else. unlike most couples who met on twitter, we are still extremely in love and plan to get married and spend the rest of our lives together.

lumine’s selves

lumine is zhongli, lumine, the riddler (unfortunately), a lot of bitches from honkai, misa amane, and some others. you are not herrrrrr don’t interact with me if you kin/id/are a fictive of Those Guys because that is my girlfriend thank you.

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